Properties and performance

Bifent® Fogger Plus is an innovative product intended to control various species of crawling and flying insects indoors, in hardly accessible locations. It is based on the unique mixture of three active substances together with the ALL IN WEB technology developed by ICB Pharma. This technology enhances the efficacy of the active substances, and ensures their even deposition on an insect’s body.

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  • enhances bioavailability of active substances
  • enhances an even spreading of the active substance on an insect’s body
  • ensures 100% mortality rate after a few minutes from application
  • effectively controls various species of insects (both crawling and flying)
  • quickly and evenly spreads on a treated surface
  • provided in a form of an easy-to-use ULV aerosol
  • the open/close lock system enables to apply the accurate application rate, providing a possibility of multiple use
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Bifent® Fogger Plus efficacy

ALL IN WEB technology provides high efficacy against various pest species. A quick knock-down and high mortality are results of a synergy between the active substances, spreading and even deposition on both, treated surfaces and pest species.

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Spreading effect

Bifent® Fogger Plus is a unique combination of three active substances with an innovative technology of ALL IN WEB.

ALL IN WEB technology significantly enhances the efficacy of the active substances. It effectively penetrates to hardly accessible locations such as: cracks and crevices, what is a key characteristic especially in e. g. bed bug control.

Distribution of the active substances on the treated surface An even spreading of the active substances results in extended time of exposure and lower toxicity

Standard insecticide solution Accumulation in one, limited place, a short exposure time and higher toxixity

  • PBO
  • Tetramethrin
  • Permethrin

ALL IN WEB technology

ALL IN WEB is the technology of creating a three - dimensional molecular structure, entirely permeable, which causes the pest's immediate immobilization.

The synergistic performance of three active substances and the ALL IN WEB technology enables effective elimination of insecticide-resistant pest species in hardly accessible locations.

The combination of neurotoxins and synergist with the ALL IN WEB technology ensures an even deposition of the product on a treated surface and its penetration in cracks and crevices. This results in significant reduction of the risk to non-target species by proper distribution of the product with no accumulation of the toxins in one place. It also extends an insect’s exposure to the product. The technology is intended for the use in residential and industrial areas e.g. offices, hotels, hospitals. The product based on the ALL IN WEB technology does not stain or discolour the treated surfaces, which is one of the key aspects in management of urban pests, such as: bedbugs, cockroaches, ants etc.


Standard insecticide

ALL IN WEB technology provides better area coverage by approximately 50%, when compared to a standard water-based insecticide solutions

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Target species

  • ANTS Formicidae
  • STORED PRODUCTS PESTS e.g Ephestia kuehniella, Plodia interpunctella
  • WASPS Vespidae